Last week i had my company trip at Pulau Jerejak (located beside Pulau Pinang) with all my colleagues. This is the first time in my life attending the company trip.

I wake up around 4am in the morning and get prepared. (Actually i set my alarm to ring at 4.30am but there is something wrong with the alarm $%^&*^%), take shower, pack my things and etc etc …

Around 6am i meet 2 of my colleagues nearby my house and take a cab to PJ to meet with the driver. We reached PJ Taman Bahagia at 6.30am, but the driver not yet wake up !!! Luckily we gave her a ring. She is superb! She can finish her shower, dress up, pack her things and reach Taman Bahagia within 15 mins! i only can say "Keng!". At the end, we reach the Perhentian Jejantas on time.

We had our Dim Sum breakfast at Ipoh and my boss paid for it! Thanks boss. 2 hours later we had our seafood lunch at Penang. And we miss our ferry to Pulau Jerejak. Since the snake temple is nearby, all of us decided to have a walk there :) Finally we able to reach Pulau Jerejak at 4.50pm :)

Here are some of the photos from Pulau Jerejak:-

I would like to thanks all my colleagues for allowing me to publish these photo. (At first they dun allow me to publish any photo, but i know they very good one hehe :) So now u can see all these pretty pics)

=== End of Pulau Jerejak Part I ===